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The Little Green Garden

We believe that eating healthy and clean is absolutely essential to living life to the fullest. We refuse mediocrity and constantly strive to innovate and improve, both in and out of the garden. 

No one knows how difficult shifting one's eating habits from garbage to clean is more than I do. I ate like shit for the majority of my life, and went kicking and screaming onto the path of eating what my body needs and not succumbing to the nearest drive thru. I still have moments of weakness if I'm being honest, but man it sure is nice to not feel controlled by whatever impulse pops into my mind. It feels incredible to take mastery over what we consume doesn't it?  Microgreens are an absolute game changer for me in that they're not only the most nutrient dense food you can eat, but they have a ton of flavor. I would never show up to a farmers' market and shill you a product that I didn't truly believe in. I'm just fortunate enough to pair my love of horticulture with my love of microgreens so we can experience this little bit of life's joy together. See you at the market!


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Horticulture Ninja / Elite Level Taste Tester


Jad & Megan



Emma Mae

Resident Hippy / Superfan of Clifford The Big Red Dog



Ever-Vigilant Protector of the Garden

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