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Interested in growing your own food? Looking for a unique gift for that person who's impossible to shop for? No need to sit around and brainstorm about what to get them. This kit is it. You're welcome. 


This kit contains everything you need to have two successful grows in the included 10"x10" tray. Included are high quality BPA-free trays, coconut coir, seeds and instructions. You don't need special lights. Just sit on your kitchen counter and in 7 days they'll be ready to eat! 


These kits were created with one goal in mind - quality. Sure, we could've saved saved money by going with those cheap, flimsy, chemically-smelling trays. We went with the highest quality trays in the industry. They're strong, durable and made in America. We could've used a cheaper compressed growing medium like everyone else that you have to soak in water until it expands. Our organic coconut coir is the best you can get, plus it is already rinsed and ph-buffered for you.


Each kit comes with enough seeds and medium for two grows. 





DIY Microgreens Grow Kit

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