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Organically & Locally Grown In Fredericksburg, VA

No pesticides. No chemicals. Just organic cultivation.


Family Grown & Operated

As you can see in the above picture, our microgreens undergo constant scrutiny and oversight. Jokes aside, everyone responsible for bringing our microgreens to your table all share the same last name. Keeping everything in the family ensures consistency and the utmost quality.


Many Sizes & Varieties Available

Whether you are simply looking for a small container for a single meal or are a restaurant in search of large quantities, we carry every size to accommodate every need. With over 7 varieties in constant rotation, there's a good chance we have what you're looking for.


More Than Just Garnishments

Microgreens are so much more than just a decoration on a nice plate of food. They are incredibly flavorful and nutrient dense, now widely used as a crucial ingredient in many dishes while simultaneously able to be thrown in a blender for a super-smoothie.


Organic Hydroponics 

Our microgreens are grown in 100% organic coconut coir. Although it may look like soil, coconut coir is superior in that it is inert, ph balanced, and free of any annoying pests that want nothing more than to munch on some tiny leaves.


Robert Louis Stevenson

Upcoming Events


2022 Spotsy Farmers' Market

April 9th - December 17th

We will be returning to the Spotsy Farmers' Market this year! Every Saturday from 8-1 we will have a wide variety of freshly cut microgreens and kits to grow your own. See ya there!

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